Energy savings that make more energy available

than all new energy sources combined

Our story

We are very passionate about creating a better world. Our energy-saving technology and smart algorithms are something we are proud to share.
Our goal is to enable as many countries to use our technology and make a positive impact on the planet by saving energy.

Instead of making large investments in infrastructure for production and distribution , we meet your needs with our flexible IoT solutions – which are constantly evolving and improving.

We want to create solutions that are simple, easy to use, and cost-efficient!

Our solutions

Our technology, our algorithms and App enable massive energy savings: we can help you get more power – from 30% to more than 50% of what a nuclear powerplant produces.

How do we do it? By having online access to sensors and electricity-consuming devices and installations we ensure that electricity is used only when needed. Intelligent algorithms in our system automatically optimize (minimize) the electricity usage.

An example:

The Algorithm takes the temperature, wind and energy cost forecasts for the next day, and sends a schedule to the devices about tomorrow’s consumption. The mission of the algorithm is to help you achieve your goals (energy savings / Demand Response). It can be designed to your specific needs.

When used for Demand Response, the Devices receive the signal and they operate as the algorithm instructed, moving consumption to fit the production of electricity.

The end-users get a push-notification in their App, with a consumption plan for that day. The users can also have the ability to change the plan, if they need to.

Avoid peak consumption problems:

When our sensors detect a peak consumption problem (such as a power cut), the algorithm offers an instant DR-override:

It instructs a certain number of devices to lower consumption for a short amount of time, and then restores it. Then, it targets the next group of devices and lowers consumption there, then it restores it. It keeps moving through all the devices until enough energy has been saved to completely avoid the peak consumption problem.

Our products

The products and the App are primarily designed for energy savings for your end-users. Your end-users will also appreciate the convenience and comfort enabled by our products. The wonderful side-effect of this technology is that by combining different energy saving functions, the result is unique and highly functional Smart Home devices for your end-users. A true win-win combination.

Smart Remote

Control your air-conditioner (or air-to-air heatpump) at home, thanks to the EnergyWatch mobile app. The app enables you to control and interact with your device, from anywhere in the world. You can also easily set different schedules with the intuitive graphical interface in the App.

Smart Plug

See how much electricity and money your appliances are consuming, in real-time, per day or per month/year. As with other devices, WiFi control from anywhere in the world and scheduling are possible.

Smart Temp

Track the temperature in your home in real-time on the App. You can have a daily, monthly or yearly analysis. For all our devices, there is an option to set alarms/push notifications for when the temperature becomes too high or too low.

Smart Fukt

With Smart Fukt you can measure the humidity level and temperature in your house, wine cellar, vacation home, or greenhouse. This device can even tell you if you have mold in your home, with the mold detector option.

All mentioned products and services are sold exclusively by Vattenfall in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.


The smart home product line has been developed in close colaboration with our partner Vattenfall AB. The products are used in existing services both for end-users, and B2B purposes.

Perific has designed and developed the Demand Response system for Smart Grid Gotland. In the project we made it possible to control the energy consumption in hundreds of houses on the island Gotland, through algorithms for Demand Response. The system optimized the electricity usage depending on electricity cost, wind electricity production and other parameters .

About us

Perific is a Swedish-based IoT tech company specialized in inventing and developing simple, modern, green and cost-effective strategies for energy efficiency worldwide.

The App EnergyWatch, which we have developed in collaboration with Vattenfall AB has been awarded the Best M-Government Service Award at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Our goal is to enable our clients access to technology that makes more energy available than all new energy sources combined.


 Are you interested in offering our technology to your end-users?

Are you curious to know more about our products and algorithms?

Please contact our business development team.

They are connecting Perific to international energy companies,
and working on unique Demand Response and energy savings possibilities for collaboration.

You can call them on +46 8 56 48 60 60.
You can also write to them at

Perific Technologies AB | Finlandsgatan 14 | SE-164 74 KISTA | +46 8 56 48 60 60 |

All mentioned products and services are sold exclusively by Vattenfall in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.